Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Welcome Home

It is a great feeling to watch other people come in and load all of your heavy furniture onto a truck. I have never experienced someone else moving my stuff for me. Sure every time I have moved other people have helped. Friends, family and members of our faith community always chip in and make quick work out of moving. However, this time I was able to sit back and watch rather than direct and sort and lift and load. It was great and it was the only thing that helped fight back the sadness of leaving behind our life in Denton.

The crew left by 3:30 p.m. and Donna and I cleaned for the next three hours. The house was left in perfect condition, clean, touched up, and looking like a brand new home. We pulled out to eat our last meal in Denton at New York Sub Hub on loop 288. They make the best sub sandwich around. Fresh bread is made every day by La Madeline Bakery. There means and veggies are complimented with a great secret Italian dressing that is perfect. Donna announced to the owner manager that this was our last meal in Denton. He was pleased at our choice.

By the time we got into our cars we were worn out. We talked to each other on cell phones as we left the city limits of Denton, leaving behind the home and friends and church family we had know for the better part of a decade. I put my MP3 player on random and we road into the sunset.

Supposedly, we were heading to “the hill” in Abilene, Texas home to Abilene Christian University. However, on the outskirts of Fort Worth the terrain flattens and the road descends like a plane coming into a runway. While we were going to the hill, we were descending from the hill of Denton, Dallas, and Fort Worth.

Our rent house had no Air Conditioning so we asked the Siburt’s for a place to land for the night. We arrived at their home on the hill a few minutes before 10 p.m. Charlie’s first words were “Welcome Home.”

Welcome home . . . we both chuckled. That’s right a short journey had brought us to a new place, that was an old place, and already was a home welcoming us to a new life.

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