Thursday, April 21, 2005

When I Grow Up

What do I want to be when I grow up?
Or is it Who do I want to be when I grow up?

This question gets posed. You and I have both asked it. We have been asked it. This question becomes an opening line in a speech, a question to a student or filler in conversation.

The answers to this question are diverse. A Joke. An excuse. A reason for perpetual youth. A Career.

Maybe someone’'s answer to this question is not the primary part. Maybe it is the question itself that contains some meaning. Are we becoming people or things. "Who”" or "“What”?" That is the question.

If we are becoming ‘things’ like pants, iPods, purses or Jaguars, then I do not like becoming ‘things.”

You are a person –-- a who. The person into whom you are growing develops by the things you do (consume, pursue, think) -- – the what’s. Maybe today we need some new things to pursue. New things to show off. Brand new things to talk about.

Are you ready? Here goes . . . (read slowly, pause, take your time)
May we
Track God in Faith through our doubts
Reveal Love as our trademark in a market of hate
Voice Hope of good news clearly in the static of despair
in other words
seek Faith, show Love and speak Hope

Real WHOs –are characterized by these THINGs: Faith, Hope and Love.

Friday, April 15, 2005

Follow Me

Today I am so thankful for you. Thanks for your emails. I thank you for prayers and encouraging words. Thank you for stopping by to read.

Is it possible to have a virtual following? I am wondering if maybe the internet is the perfect place to have virtual followers. This is not for aggrandizement or self-promotion. Quite the contrary. This is a location for community. Your presence makes this a community. My entire life has been expended toward relationship with God. However, I long to share time with you. If you want to spend some time with me, then I would be honored for us to travel and talk here in this place of words “lost and found.”

Consider this your invitation on a virtual journey. There is no need to leave your husband, wife, children, job – physically. However, following Jesus means you must act as if you have quit your job, left your family and sold your home. If you are willing to leave these things behind, then I would like you to come on a journey with me. Lets follow Jesus together. It will not be easy. Even though this is ‘virtual,’ this in no way is pretend or imaginary. In fact, this journey may be the hardest thing you or I have ever done. Your life will change. It simply has to change. When you follow Jesus, your life has a new focus and people and work and things look differently.

Long ago Paul took a virtual journey. Jesus had long since died. He had risen from the grave and had even returned to the right hand of God. However, Paul met Jesus and his life was never the same. It took him many years before he could do or say anything. After all, he was a Jew. Jesus (also a Jew) asked Paul to stop terrorizing him and instead follow. He spent some time in the desert to come to grips with this. This virtual journey with Jesus, changed Paul and the world.

Today I ask you to pray the three charities: Faith, Hope & Love. The foundation of communities of Jesus is Love. That is because God IS Love. God is not like love. God IS Love. God is not inclined toward love. God IS Love. Our Love begins with Hope. Hope finds its way into the reality of our life and is expressed by our Faith.

Paul wrote a letter to Colossae, Greece. Paul (the virtual vagabond) encourages Jesus-followers to be devoted to prayer (4:2).
Pray to the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ that his Spirit may plant in your heart – Faith in Jesus as King, Hope in life changing gospel and Love that is the trademark of God (1:3-6).

Like Paul, I invite you to follow me as I follow Jesus. Follow me not because I am anything special, but follow me as I am one who is following Jesus.

Feel free to post a thought. Thanks for being you. Thanks for coming.

Sunday, April 03, 2005

Prayer Enfleshed

Joy filled our hearts as air entered her lungs.
The air penetrated by her scream let us know that love was alive.
Praise God for His faithfulness in making hope a reality.

The last day of March 2005 at 11:30 in the morning, the Bryce's welcomed Lizze into our arms. Mom and Dad are pleased now to hold in our arms this girl whom we long ago held in our hearts. Mommy, baby, big brother and Daddy are each doing well. Thanks to each of for your faithfulness in prayer, expressions of love and persistent hope.

Love from Brady, Donna and Nathan.

Elizabeth Hannah Bryce
31 March 2005
11:30 a.m.
Seven pounds Two ounces
Nineteen and one half inches

Donna and I picked this name out long before Nathan was born. We love the stories of Hannah from 1 Samuel 1 and Elizabeth from Luke 2. During the labor, I read these passages to Donna. She said it calmed her down. Of course, I have always been able to put her to sleep when I read to her. Can you imagine what happens when I speak to her?

Elizabeth is Hebrew for "dedicated to God" or "oath to God." Hannah is also Hebrew meaning "grace." Elizabeth was my great-grandmother's name (my Dad's mother's side). She went by the name "Lizzie."

If you wish to write her well-wishes and blessings feel free to post a comment to this entry. We will save them in her baby book.

Love Is Alive

Big Bro

A Little Bigger Family