Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Our Kisses Can Drive

This month is a little anniversary of sorts. This is kind of calendar clocking that young lovers engage in. It is when two young love birds share how many days or weeks they've been together or how many months, days, and hours till their wedding.

In this month of Valentines, the kisses of my wife are now old enough to drive. Sixteen years ago we kissed for the first time. Fifteen years ago we were engaged. And later this year we will have been married for fifteen years - a decade and a half. Okay, I warned you this is the kind of calendar games young lovers play. Our marriage is not old enough to drive yet, but our kisses can . . . and that is what counts.

I am overjoyed that love is young whatever our age. When intimate love is shared and entrusted to one other person, the rewards never stop "wowing!" I love my wife.