Saturday, September 11, 2004

The Day That Crumbled

The day that crumbled
no market,
no travel,

no info,

no hope,

no calls,

no enemy.

And where is Yahweh?


This is not the Spirit.

I see oppression
practiced under the sun.
Look at oppressed tears
with no one to comfort them!

On the side of oppressors
There is power
yet nothing comforts oppressed.

I say that the dead,

who have already died

are more fortunate than the living,

who are still alive only to themselves.

The clear sky is calm,
yet memory holds the ash of holocaust death.

Burn fire,
Wind blow,
Purify rain.

People equate rays of burning lights,
that illumine our understanding
with the Light
that keeps away darkness.

It takes someone else’s crash to see
I'm blind to the crashed car
all around my seat.

-Brady Bryce (the Fall 2001)

Wednesday, September 01, 2004

Sex & Spirituality

Spirituality means many different things to different people. It is quickly becoming a thread-bare word without consistent meaning. In my mind, spirituality cannot be limited to an individual pursuit. Sure individuals must find their own way through life. But if we journey only under our own power and rely solely upon our own resources then we will fail. An individual who is unwilling to be part of community will not find meaningful spirituality. It might as well be self-worship.

I got this email on Monday about discipleship. It contains a great on-liner about discipleship.

-----Original Message-----
From: Jed
Sent: Monday, August 30, 2004 6:12 PM
To: Brady

Just wanted to share a follow-up thought to our last
email interaction around discipleship. I went to a
funeral at 1st Presbyterian this past Saturday and
heard an interesting comment. One of the pastors
shared a line from a prayer he had received from a
woman several years ago that she had written at the
time of her father's death. The line read "What we
love becomes a part of us and who we love becomes a
part of us." What a great synopsis of discipleship!
Perhaps just a more contemporary way of saying "Where
your treasure is..."

I also wanted to drop a reminder of my appreciation
for your teaching. I am always encouraged by the way
you connect God's word to our lives.



Jed --
Thanks for your words. I absolutely love your connection of loving relationship with discipleship. When applied to discipleship to Jesus that is a powerful statement. How many people/Christians treasure relationship with Jesus? I am afraid that most of the time we all seek relationship with Jesus only when it will be helpful NOW. Few are those who seek relationship trusting that it WILL be helpful. I believe that my chore is to help people fall in love with Jesus AND commit themselves to loving God when it is easy and when it is tough. Marriage and discipleship also share many similarities. Life shared over decades. Time is invested. Sadly, most Americans like their spirituality as they like their sexuality -- passion to please the self and without commitment to another.

What we love (outside of ourselves) will change us. If the pursuit of our lives is personal happiness and fulfillment, then we will remain unchanged and empty. If we seek relationship with a transcendent God and community with others, then we will be reborn and find meaning beyond our limited view.

Thanks again,