Saturday, August 11, 2007

Free Chick

Our home group began to get excited about a field trip. Normally, we do pretty basic things together each week: eat, laugh, pray, cry, tell stories, share Bible stories, and encourage one another. But our group had the chance to do something out of the ordinary - an all night field trip.

Our local Chick-fil-a at the Denton Crossing shopping center was celebrating their 1 year anniversary. The first of a very limited number of people through the door would receive free Chick-fil-a (or what my 2 year old daughter calls "Chicken Play") for one year. Free food for a year sounded pretty good to our group.

Most people do not know that every brand new "Chicken Play" does this at their grand opening. A month earlier our group had tried to do this, but none of us could swing it. So, here we were out all night with our home group. We played board games, threw the football, listened to music, slept, talked, and had a great time watching for the sun rise.

After a night of fun, we high-fived a cow in PJs and sat down for a chicken biscuit breakfast sandwich. What crazy thing have you done lately? Is life about routine and order and schedule? It may be that there is room for some of your God given creativity to break through and enjoy the free chicken play of life.

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