Saturday, August 04, 2007


I recently caught a Travis concert at the House of Blues in Dallas. It is always great to see one of your favorite bands live, but this was outstanding. My buddy James and I made our debut visit to the House of Blues and really enjoyed the venue.

We had trouble finding the door when we walked up to HoB. We stopped next two huge tour buses in what we later discovered was the back. Out of the bus pops two guys who begin playing soccer on the sidewalk. I elbowed James and said, "I think that is Fran." It turns out the lead singer is a pretty good soccer player and that roadies make for good partners.

I stood there wondering what to do because I did not even have a pen. Finally, we just went up to him to see if he really was Fran. He was extremely nice. He even went onto the bus to get a Sharpie pen and sign my ticket. Finally, he posed with us for a picture. There were quite a few things I thought later that I should have asked, but I guess that is the way it goes. You don't expect to meet the lead singer of your new favorite band on the street corner.

The concert was a lot of fun. These guys obviously love what they are doing and let nothing stop them from having a good time and playing great tunes. Travis seemed unphased by frigid Texas A/C, reverberations from the next room, or faulty guitar on the first song. They played a number of my favorites: Side, My Eyes, Humpty Dumpty Love Song, Sing and my son's favorites: Selfish Jean and Closer.

I never could tell my 5 year old son that I was going to this concert. He would have been bugging me every day to go. He is a big fan and plays their songs over and over again. Nathan was thrilled when I told him about the concert and showed him my picture with lead singer. Music is good for the soul.

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