Friday, April 20, 2007

Life in Dallas

There are so many things to pursue. Living in Dallas-Fort Worth, everything is available. The latest technologies, the newest entertainment, world renown speakers, resources, opportunities and more. However, the remain people who are unable to access what is available. People who lack the information, connections, knowledge, or ability to reach what is available.

God is available. God is present. God is looking at you. The presence of God does not depend upon something you create, but upon your willingness to seek a God seeking you. God made heaven and earth. God does not need our religion, office space, sacred space, or even a chair. God created it all.

God looks at is the one who is humble. God looks at the one who is sincerely remorseful. God is looking for the one who is moved to tears at his word.

Thursday, April 05, 2007

Miracle Neice

My closest blood relative . . . the woman who came from the same womb I did . . . experienced a miracle today.

My sister Kelly and her husband Michael have been unable to give birth to a child. For years they have prayed and tried and suffered through infertility. But, still no life. Last year they were chosen as adoptive parents. It was an answer to prayers. With little time to prepare, they readied their home, their lives, and their hearts to receive a baby. Every hurdle was passed with a bit more joy, until at the last possible moment . . . the adoption was canceled. It was the equivalent of a still born death. We were heart broken.

Then, amazingly Kelly got pregnant. A "one last shot" attempt with treatments worked! The last nine months have been anxious for me and I know they have been uncertain for Kelly & Michael. Yesterday, we met another of God's miracles, this one named Taryn.

Life never turns out the way we expect or plan or dream. However, the one true and living God is able to surprise us with life through our death.