Monday, October 04, 2010


This morning I traveled the path tread every weekday morning, walking hand-in-hand with my two kids. There are no sidewalks, so we have to get ourselves to the curb and dodge parents driving in a rush to school or college students flying like rocket ships to secure parking spaces.

I had safely kissed my kiddos goodbye and was crossing 16th to enter the university campus. It was clear in both directions. Except for one mini-truck in the distance. This little black truck sped up- increasing his speed with me walking through the crosswalk! I picked up my pace. I passed the center stripe he swerved over the line. I kept eye contact as he approached. As I reached the curve, I turned to see him pass.

It really is stunning that someone would be inconvenienced by a pedestrian. What would cause a person to speed up? Swerve at a person? None of these compares to the questions I had when I glanced down and saw his bumper sticker, "LIFE" it pronounced in big bold letters.

Hum. The life of an unborn babies is valuable, but not walking professor?

I am guessing that this student is a Christian. Maybe even a quite vocal and activist Christian, unafraid to permanently stick his view on a tiny bumper. However, there is something awry with our hurried, angry, self-justified swerving Christians lives. How can we advertise our Christianity on the back bumper while running people down with our front bumper? Just a word to the Christians out there. People don't care what you think, don't concern themselves with your pedestrian beliefs, but they do feel the impact of your actions.

Christian brother, in the little pickup. . . we missed.