Sunday, August 26, 2007

First Day of School

Who could have guessed that I would start to school the same day as my five year old? He goes to Kindergarten. I go to teach at the university.

Who could have imagined even three months ago we would both live in Abilene, TX? Tomorrow morning, I will walk with my son to school and then I will turn and walk in the opposite direction to serve as faculty in the College of Biblical Studies at ACU.

Nathan has grown into a super little guy. He is thrilled about his school, excited about his new town, pleased about his teacher, and looking forward to learning with brand new friends.

His Dad, on the other hand, has a less clear picture of life. Oh if only I had to buy glue, markers, Kleenex, and pencils. If only my biggest concern was where I would sit in my one classroom. Instead, I make a major career change from daily ministry and weekly preaching to become Director of Ministry Events and adjunct professor of undergraduate and graduate Bible students.

I have not yet put my finger on the right word. It is not worry nor fear nor sadness. It is something like uncertainty. Actually, it is a lot like the feeling I got on the night before school before a major grade change. Like when I went from elementary to junior high or junior high to high school or high school to college. There was just a bit of uncertainty, the unknown was all I could know the night before the new experience. Once my feet were wet, I never looked back.

Tonight my prayer is that I will walk with the same zip and energy to teach that Nathan will have to learn. We will both be learners. In life, even those who teach learn from the eternal wisdom of the ever present teacher. May we never stop learning from the new experiences of life.

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Josh Gabbard said...

hey brady, hope the family is ok and everything is going well at ACU. Just wanting to talk to you. You are the one who lead me and my mom to Christ at SOCC and I miss you more and more every suandy. Hope you can e-mail.

God Bless,