Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Saints & Groundhogs

The Saints are Super. Their fingertips lace the crystal trophy. There was no way they should have beaten the Vikings led by the often retired, never benched greybeard Bret Farve. The Vikings were the better team, but like all season the Saints were Super. The Colts were the playoff vets ready for repeat performance in the Super Bowl, yet the New Orleans backed Saints were ready. They traded a victorious pig skin for a crystal version of a football and everyone is happy. So now everyone pronounces, New Orleans deserves this and they had it coming. I agree. However, this does not really change anything. It feels good, but it doesn't suddenly build the houses in the 9th Ward that are vacant. It was celebratory, but it does not improve the school system. We could see every play in HighDef, but it does not improve the rampant racism in a city with a significant separation between black and white. Nothing really changes-other than a trophy. Change is something that takes work, effort, and living life differently than it has been lived in the past.

So please, lets hold off on pronouncing New Orleans suddenly rebuilt because they won the Super Bowl or even because Bourbon Street is in operation or even because a few houses have been built. Lets look at this from something akin to a Google maps view, taking into account buildings, schools, jobs and opportunity. I think we will see that things still are not as they should be in New Orleans. So, lets not assume that since the ground hog appeared from underground that there is Spring to Celebrate. In fact, Winter is still ahead when it comes to building a nation of people who will no longer tolerate racism and economic disparity.