Monday, February 20, 2006

Seeing the Invisible

Being away from the love of my life is a tough instructor. I must find and make my own food, wash and fold my own clothes. I must do things that are typically done for me. These are things that I appreciate and participate in when I am at home. I am not a mooch because Donna and I have a great partnership. However, being away from home and normalcy, my appreciation for her increases.

Each one of us live in systems of people and relationships. Many of these people we never see. Even if we cannot see them, we are dependent upon these invisible relationships. We forget that our home prices are so low in Texas because of immigrant Mexican workers. This "“illegal"” labor about which many complain, makes it possible for us to have cheaper labor, which invisibly makes a cheaper bottom line. When we go out to eat, behind the scenes is much invisible service. We only see the woman who takes our order, the man who cleans our table or the boy who brings us more water. We depend upon the chef to cook a healthy and appropriately created meal that is prepared in a clean environment, but we are not in the kitchen. Eating out hides a huge amount of people that we are wealthy enough to pay one bill that supports dozens of people by paychecks.

Who are the invisible people in your life? Maybe this week you can make them visible and show them the gospel.

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J. Kevin Parker said...

Brady, illegal immigration is a huge problem, and there are no easy solutions. However, the church has to recognize the invisible people and minister to them, regardless of why/how they are here. I tend to notice the folks cleaning up around hospitals and offices and malls--the kind of people most ignore. Most get a lot of joy out of being noticed and greeted. Thanks for helping us see the invisible like Jesus.