Tuesday, February 14, 2006

English Lesson

Mark Lau Branson made an off-handed comment that was easily the most memorable of the week. A discussion had developed about how it is hard to go to church. Sometime church is unbearable for any of a number of reasons: false piety, pretension, entertaining display. Mark said, “it is hard to go to church where God is never the subject of an active verb.” Let that one soak in.

Umm, what? Many times in church God is the object of everything we do and say. We are here to praise God. We want God to be in this place. Etcetera. Worship does well when God is the subject and we are the object.

Translation: Talk about what God does not what we want God to do. Talk about what God has done and praise him. Do not objectify God. Do not make God an idol to back what you want and do. Allow God to be the subject that acts.

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