Sunday, February 19, 2006

Beating Boredom

This weekend I attempted to divert my attention from school. Los Angeles has amazing weather, yet this week it has been off a bit. Friday was a pretty clear day that eventually became overcast and spit out some drizzle. Saturday it was cold (50s) and rainy, but the clouds cleared out to a crystal blue sky with huge puffy white clouds. I used Saturday to get my housework done. I went to a Laundromat down the road. I was the only person around speaking in English. After washing a drying a couple loads of laundry, I folded the clothes and left. I used the time to sit and read and reflect on my class time learning. The day was absolutely beautiful. Very clear and pleasant, but chilly and cool.

Sunday I awoke to the sounds of a downpour of rain. I wondered how this would affect my plans. I wanted to go to the earliest service I could go (9 a.m.) and then get on the road to go to the John Paul Getty Museum in Los Angeles. The rain was pouring down.

Before I left for church, the rain let up, the skies turned from grey to cloudy to blue. In the distance I could see snow on the Sierra Madre mountains. When I got to the Getty museum at 11 a.m. I ate my lunch and could sea the vast ocean in the West, the expansive city of L.A. and the towering Sierra Madre Mountains covered in snow. This is an amazing paradise where there are days you can choose between being in the cool of the mountains surrounded by trees or choose the crashing waves of the ocean chasing the beaches. From this place on the balcony I could see it all . . . mountains, ocean and city. A good way to beat boredom is to take in life from a bigger perspective


Anonymous said...

How was the museum? I have a book on Medieval Illuminations that are housed in the John Paul Getty Museum.

Brady Bryce said...

M ~
I have now seen those illuminations several times. It is a great museum, one of my all time favorites in the world. It is set on the side of a mountain in LA. You have to take a tram up to the top where art is displayed in a magnificent buildings that displays various architectural styles. It is a "must see" if you go to L.A. All you pay is parking ($7) because of the enormous Getty endowment.