Monday, April 10, 2006

Three Feet of Wisdom

My little man is quite attentive and wise. He is only three feet tall, watery blue eyes and dusty-blond hair, but his heart flows with spiritual wisdom.

Within the last year, the dinner table was my sounding board for frustration. I was talking about a problem with a person. Donna and I were speaking in the artful parental code language. Do you know the parental code of mixing Pig Latin, spelling key words and leaving out the names to protect the innocent?

Clearly I was downcast. Frustrated. My best friend Donna was the woman I wanted input from. However, this time the wisdom came from my little man with white hair and the blue eyes.
"Daddy, you seem down."
"Yes, son. I am trying to figure out what to do about this person and how to help."
"Daddy, I will tell you something. Here is what you need to do. Tell them Jesus loves them. Tell them Jesus will heal them. And pray with them."
All I could do was look eye to eye at the table with this little man and smile. It was clear to me that the One we sometimes call "the big man" was speaking through this little man. Could it be much more clear?
Jesus expresses God's love perfectly.
It takes a God outside of ourselves to save us.
It takes humility of the soul to bow before God and submit to being saved.
Three points flowing out of three feet of wisdom. So may you love, listen and learn that God still speaks.


Tim Neufeld said...

Brady, great to catch up on your blog. Aren't children wonderful? I wish I could remember all the profound things my boys have said. I suppose if I would try to keep them quiet the rocks would cry out! I go to bed tired every night!
Peace, brother.

Brady Bryce said...

Tim -
Right you are! God speaks through everything - it is our ears that need digging out. I have really been thinking about doing more journalling. That way I could "remember" more of what I will soon forget.