Thursday, April 27, 2006

Taken On the Wind

This morning's dawn marked both the passing of night and the dawn of a new day. I learned of a baby's birth that has formed reflections deep within my soul. The births of two babies have left me breathless on this still and cool morning.

Two babies were born five days apart. Each was born to different parents; one was born today and one was born on Saturday. They both have the same name. The boy is named Evan and the girl is named Eveyn. Today one is alive and breathing and the other is breathless on her birthday.

If life were only about breath, then I could say that one is alive and one is dead. However, life is about more than breath. It is also about wind. What I can say and I believe is that baby Evan is here breathing. The other baby Eveyn is gone breathing only by the Spirit of God. Indeed, they are both alive, and they live with the same breath - the wind of God.

Neither of these parents knows each other. They do not realize that their babies were born five days apart, nor do they realize one Evan lives here while another Eveyn lives elsewhere. These parents live separate lives and distant experiences. One set of parents knows life turned into breathless joy. The other set of parents knows only the promise of joy emptied into a hollow pain.

There is not much to say when a new life is taken from sight. A life removed from us as quickly as it is seen. We will now not be able to see how this life will grow -– that is until we are breathless also. When the breath in our lungs is taken for the last time, then we can go to the place of reunion where lives exist forever by the eternal wind of God.

And now, what I have this morning is breathless sorrow for two sad breathless parents. I, too, am gasping to know these two new little babies. May the wind of God fill our lives and be our comfort when we have no reason to go on breathing. Dawn awaits.

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