Thursday, April 06, 2006

April Fools Party

Last weekend we celebrated one year of life with Lizzie. The gathering was a huge success bringing together both sides of our families.

The party favors were not so . . . favorable. Lizzie, Donna and I all had fought this "24 hour stomach virus." The virus was the "party favor" that we passed it to everyone except two people who came for the party. This was one contagious virus. One bad treat.

A virus can affect people in an instant. Common things like a touch, a hug, sharing food, or sharing the same air can spread a virus. In the same way, you and I affect people in an instant. Common things like a handshake, an embrace, mealtime or conversation. Love, hate or indifference can be passed in a moment. Oh, if only love could be genetically created to be passed like a virus. Contagiously passed through kind courtesy or warm conversation or in the generosity of a gift.

One problem is that many disciples of Jesus are so thoroughly insulated, disinfected, and protected from any form of doubt, disbelief or trouble. We disciples are often times hesitant, resistant to enter the very world that God created, loves and has entered. The fullness of God entered the limited space of flesh and bone. God in a body. . . is a bizarre concept to understand.

Rather than fear infection, Christ-followers must become infectious. Spreading, contaminating, multiplying the love of God out in the world. "And the world will know that we are followers of Jesus . . . by our inescapable love." (click the gospel of John 13:35)

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