Monday, July 12, 2004

Only a Dream

In my dream, I entered a towering Urban Temple. My eyes were wide with what was all so real – surreal. The temple looked like any other mega-store. There on the sales altar were three immediately recognizable things: a thin television, a sharp cell phone and a bottle of pills. They were more extraordinary than any I had seen. Each was appealing.

These were three gods (among many) from my urban life. Their brand names were Illusion, Need and Escape. These gods invited me to worship. These gods commanded my undivided attention for hours.

All three were for sale. The paperwork was easy and only required a signature for my money and my time and my future to buy all three. I felt glad there was no interest and no payments due for many years. The friendly salesman loaded them in my trunk. He turned with a smile and disappeared. A quick glance back and the trunk was empty. A more careful gaze at the temple and I saw it was boarded up and vacant. I awoke sitting straight up with an empty stomach. Only a dream.


Anonymous said...

Would you say this is a lesson in moderation, or mislaid priorities?

Anonymous said...

We have been patiently waiting on an update. Came across your site a few weeks ago and found it interesting.

Brady Bryce said...

Well, it was a dream and not a lesson. You present me with two thoughtful paths: the road of moderation or the road of mislaid priorities. In the intersection of those to roads much could be learned.