Tuesday, August 03, 2004

Remote Control

Ok, so I have been away from my post. Remote connection was possible, but with some difficulty. So, I did not try. Sorry!

With remote controls for everything, most cannot imagine life without controls. Obviously, TVs, DVD players and stereos . . . but now there are remote controls for fans and fireplaces and car stereos (think about the oddity of remotes for car stereos). I can check my email, voicemail, newspapers all from across the globe.

I still am amazed when I approach my Toyota Camry and push a button to unlock the doors, disarm the security system and pop the trunk. What power! What control!

While away last week, I heard a story about a man whose car remote keyless entry died. The battery failed and he could not get into his car. He called the police for help. When the officer arrived, the officer asked to see the remote key chain. He took the key, unlocked the door and handed the keys back to the embarrased man. (thanks for the story Claire Moody)

How dependant are you upon remote controls?

Some claim spirituality allows me to gain control of my life. Spirituality is a means to manipulate God (or the gods) to act in my favor. Spirituality becomes a remote control to direct the powers of the universe to my best interests. Sounds appealing. Sounds easy enough. Learn the (magic) tricks and the world is mine.

However, my experience of the universe has led me to believe that I cannot control all things to my advantage. Maybe I can control somethings, but I have yet to find a universal control. Still the world seems to move forward without my help. This leads me to wonder if there is not something more than me. True spirituality may well be found in letting go of control and being controled.

So, I hand my keys to someone else who can help me get in the car. I am dependant upon more than me.

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