Thursday, July 01, 2004

Those Unused Unlimited Minutes

The office has moved a little slower this week. Our ministers have scattered to points all over the U.S. Many meetings and obligations have been shifted away from the July 4th holiday. I am one who likes busy-ness and enjoys plenty to do. However, the calmer, quieter office has been an unusual and welcome change.

Driving up I-35 today, I realized that the last few weeks have given me the chance to personally reconnect with old friends and family. God has blessed me with a wonderful wife who is my best friend in the world and my trusted ally in life. I have enjoyed emails with a childhood friend from my neighborhood, calling a friend from my teen years who lost his mother, dinner with my college roommate, lunch with a ministry colleague of more than 12 years, and spending a few “reunion” days with relatives.

I sadly admit that it is easy for ministers to loose touch with our friends in other places because our churches are filled with near and dear souls. It is a mixed blessing. Having such a wonderful family of believers that are dear friends, means sometimes those more distant geographically are overlooked.

May God give you opportunity to re-connect with people you love, people you need to confront and people upon whose shoulders you stand. There are soldiers all over the world distant from their families who put their lives at risk to keep you safe at home. I thank God for these dear friends, our troops.

Do you remember all those “Unlimited Night & Weekend minutes” on our cell phones . . . what an opportunity for Kingdom connections.


Anonymous said...

You DON'T have a cell phone!

Brady Bryce said...

Actually, we do have a cell phone. Do I carry a cell phone? Very rarely because my wife carries it.

We do have unused cell phone minutes every month. These are unused opportunities to connect. This is exactly my point. We are so very connected with email, internet, phones, cell phones, cable television and more. But we are so disconnected and isolated from community.

Are people really more connected with technology or have we become more isolated by hiding our phone numbers, screening calls, ignoring emails? How is it possible in a nation of connection for people to still feel isolated, hungering for meaningful relationship and desparately seeking purpose? Possessing a cell phone or an email does not mean you have meaningful relationship.