Monday, August 07, 2006


As I have confessed previously, I am a heavy drinker. I really enjoy Dr. Pepper. This week I went to "happy hour" at Sonic when they offer half price drinks.
I was captivated by the little paragraph on the side of the cup.
At Sonic we believe in your individual choice. And in the Spirit of choice we offer you 168,894 possible drink combinations. Think about it. Starting with Orange Vanilla Sprite, you can have a different drink everyday for the next 462 years. How's that for refreshing choices?
- Sonic Cup © 2006
This is a credo, an "I believe" statement. Sonic believes in individual choice. The whole add has a religious, authoritative feel to it. In some ways, it redefines what is refreshing. The choice or the opportunity to choose is refreshing. In Sonic's belief, refreshment is not found in the drink itself, but me having my choice of a drink.

I just wanted a drink. I do not think that the choice is what quenches my thirst. I believe it is the drink that quenches my thirst. A long time ago, a woman came to the equivalent of Sonic. This was long before 'free refills.' There was a man sitting there who was also wanting something to drink. He offered the woman unlimited refills for life from water that really satisfies. She was completely confused. The man's name was Jesus. Jesus offered her and us a different way of living that does not find satisfaction unlimitedted choices or more things to buy or more empty promises. Jesus offers his unlimited presence in your life right now. For people who are willing to follow Jesus, they find the life that realy refresheshes from now into all eternity.

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