Monday, August 28, 2006

No Go

There must be something to be learned from slamming into concrete at 23 miles per hour, but what is it.

Follow up x-rays revealed potential breaks in the scapula and in the clavicle bones. The Doctor was insistent and adamant that I not ride on Saturday. He told me directly that I was not going to ride. A MRI was ordered for the next day that was supposed to reveal for certain the nature of the injuries. He felt that we could get the results back late on Friday. I was bummed.

Well, the nurses and technicians at Clearsky MRI (which was a closed MRI by the way) expedited the data to the radiologist. I called the doctor at 5:00 p.m. and there was no information to be shared. I was down in the dumps Thursday and Friday. By Saturday I begin to realize that my prayers should be that there are no broken bones. That is what people were praying for.

On Monday morning at 8:00 a.m. the Doctor called me at the office and shared good news. I did not have a broken shoulder. My shoulder has a partially separated AC joint and bursitis, which would take 3-4 weeks to recover from and not the 3-6 months for a broken shoulder. I was relieved, but instantly began to regret not know this info on Friday afternoon. I would have ridden. The Doctor again told me that it was better that I not ride and better that I not ride for several weeks. The shoulder needs time to heal.

It is probably better that I did not get to go. I was a bit crazy to ride in 100+ degree weather, 100 miles, with a broken wrist, let alone a separated A C joint. It was good that I did not know the results and good that I took it easy. But I still missed going. Never mind that it was record heat, never mind that they closed the entry to the Century Ride 2 hours early because of medical cases - I still missed it.

What can be learned from hitting concrete?
#1 you don't actually break bones on a bike, but off a bike
#2 people typically do not have Good Samaritan sympathy (see last blog)
#3 nurses are not funny (i.e. the nurse who asked me if it was a stationary bike)
#4 some times God gets our attention and tells us to slow down

I realize that I am not invincible. I realize that I am not God. I realize that I cannot heal bones. I commit my life to God and commit to stop trying to be God at any opportunity. Here are some old words from a song writter with my reworking (Psalms 46:10-11).

Brady, Be still,
and know
that I am God (not you)!
I am exalted
among the nations,
I am exalted in the earth (even when you are on the concrete).

The God of all powers
is with you;
the God of people who lived long be for you
will also be your place of healing.

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Candace said...

Why anyone would want to even step foot outdoors in 100+ degree heat is beyond me!
Glad to hear that you are not as "broken" as you could have been. Hope you heal well and quickly!
God bless you and your family.