Thursday, November 10, 2005

Thursday Night Reading

This week, I have been reading a book Rediscovering Christianity” by Vincent Donovan. What intrigued me about this book is its setting in Tanzania. Bob Bentley and I have talked about Donovan before. It is the story of Donovan taking the essence of the gospel to the Masai people of Africa, a pagan untouched society. It is a beautiful story of his mission to bring nothing but the gospel to a culture in the language and thought of that culture. The book is twenty-five years old, yet I believe it has amazing insights and implications for believers in America today who are facing a larger and larger America that does not believe or sometimes even know about Jesus. It is a very well worthwhile read.

If you are up for a challenge and want to read another story (of sorts) about American Christianity, I suggest you read New Kind of Christian.” It is a narrative about a man trying to have faith in a time and life situation that made it very difficult to believe. If you are feeling the shifts in the world and the world and want to listen to a fellow believer on that journey, then read this book from Brian McLaren.

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allan said...

I will look up Rediscovering Christianity, thanks for the information.