Friday, November 11, 2005

Final Day

Five days ago the skies were split open for me to fly through. Crossing the country, I descended through the smog into a darkened city of angels. It feels surreal that a few square palm tree lined city blocks of downtown Pasadena could form a spiritual oasis. When I am here, a day can seem a lifetime.

There are moments in life when time appears to have stopped, opening us to new perspectives of old things. These pause moments come with variety: a child's laughter, an insightful phrase, in worship or in remembering life at the time of death. In these moments it seems as if you have traveled far away to a special place.

This morning I am thankful to my wife and children for letting me disappear for a few days. I am grateful to have elders who provide me space and time and support to grow. And once again, I am reminded that it is good to have a group of believers to whom I can come home.

There is little more real or more important than the routine of our lives. Our family, our work, our home town and our community of faith is the place of our most important work. Your closest circle of friends and community is the arena in which you change the world. Our day-to-day routine is enhanced when we stand with spiritual giants to speak and listen to them speak of what they see on the horizon. These moments make being grounded have a new perspective and revitalized mission.

Here is a passage to keep you moving and it is inscribed in the front of Vincent Donovan's book:

But I am still running,
trying to capture
that by which
I have been captured.

- Paul (in his letter to the Philippians 3:12)

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