Thursday, July 21, 2005

Why Did the Chicken Cross the Road?

Q: Why did the chicken cross the road?

A: To get to the other side.

Two months ago, I began an experiment -– a chicken and egg experiment. For the purpose of this story, I am the chicken. My leaders, the elders, are the one'’s who encouraged me to pursue this experiment.

The chicken crossed the road McKinney and went to the Rosemont Apartment Complex to begin a discussion about Faith. The children'’s ministry and the youth ministry had already established a weekly children'’s program at Rosemont. I went to start an adult program in the evenings to build community by talking about life, faith and God.

What did a chicken have to lose by leaving the security of a building, crossing a busy street and looking for people who wanted to find God? Nothing. Well, nothing except fear.

I made a friend named Kim, who is the community relations director. She is a new college graduate of UNT, who started her first job. She and the other staff of Zohala, Chelse and others have been so accommodating.

After tossing around a number of names, I chose to call this Life & Faith. It is a place to build relationships, to talk about life, to express faith. I had no idea who would show up. But, I wanted this gathering of people to strive for three things: #1 to track God in Faith, #2 To make Love our trademark and #3 to be a voice of Hope.

I thought I would call up a restaurant and ask if they would donate food. Jesus says, "Ask and you will receive, SEEK and you will find, KNOCK and the door will be open to you." Did I believe it? Or was I chicken. God openned doors and I found what he wanted me to receive.

Every week food has been provided for free by a local Denton Restaurant. Thanks to New York Sub Hub (on Loop 288), Chipotle (on Loop 288), Pizza Hut (on Teasley), Milian's Pizziteria (On McKinney), Little Ceasars (I-35) and even members of the group.

Every week we have had a mix of races, backgrounds, ethnicities and even religions. Black, white, Hispanic, Sudanese, Indian and more (Joel 2:27-29). It is amazing the people that God will draw together, when you go out into the world that is just across the street.

Each week the group talks about what is going on in life. I ask simple questions. I allow them to ask me any question they wish. After listening to them for most all of the time, scripture always comes to mind. Because I have listened and shared, a window is opened to hear GodÂ’s word spoken into the reality of life. And God is good! I have much to learn about God and his promises to all people (Jeremiah 31:33-34).

Why did the chicken cross a fearful road? Because God crossed that same road long before I was a chicken egg. God has shown great love in laying down his life for me. So, now it is no longer a chicken and egg question for me. Which came first? Egg or Chicken? God is before all things, in all things and bringing all things into his eternal plan (Paul in his letter to the Ephesians 1:10-11).

The chicken experiment continues . . .


hope said...

Isn't it amazing what God shows us if we will knock?

Brady Bryce said...

Thanks for stopping by and bringing with you "A Little Hope."