Monday, July 25, 2005

Standing Crooked

A huge crooked cross snaked upward on the stage. The natural wood cross loomed some twenty or thirty feet high. I was asked to stand under this cross. It took 12 strong men to carry only the long post into the room.

I stood under this cross and spoke in Irving, Texas last night to a small gathering of disciples at Plymouth Park. Their meeting place burned. They could have relocated out of the inner city neighborhood. Instead, they chose to belong to the neighborhood. “This is where we belong.” I admire that.

There is something powerful about growing and blooming in the place you are standing. There is something sad about always feeling the real life is in the greener pasture. Take what you have and take who you are and become aware of the present possibilities. You are of use to God right where you stand.

It turns out the cross was tree that had burned in the fire that consumed their building. I guess you could say it was “lost in the fire.” However, with God nothing is intended to be lost. The people commissioned an artist to fashioned the burned crooked tree into a crooked cross on site. Beneath the blackened bark, the artist revealed a beautiful natural wood cross.

Take whatever burns you have and allow the master artist to fashion you. Be of use right where you stand today.

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