Thursday, June 02, 2005

Late Night DJ

Last night I was coming home late from a meeting. NPR is normally my station, but I needed music not talking. Music soothes the soul. A DJ named Delilah was on. She is one of these new DJs who is a hybrid counselor-listener. People request music, tell her about some tragedy or triumph in their life and then Delilah has a one-liner or a comment before playing a song.

This particular caller was a woman who felt alienated. She was adopted. She tried to find and to contact her birth mother. The agency assisted her in locating her mom. Initially it looked like they would have some form of communication, but now it is up to the mother. No contact has been made -- – only silence and the passing of time. Now, it seems the mother will not contact this lonely daughter. The woman wondered why her mom did not want to talk with her.

Delilah'’s answer was on the mark. There is no telling why your mother will not talk with you. Maybe she is in a relationship with a man and cannot. Maybe she knows that talking to you would hurt you more. There is no way to know.

But (and here is where I was astounded), Delilah confidently assured her that God loves her. No matter what womb God used to bring you into this life, God is the one who created you. God can borrow a womb or borrow a parent, but the truth is God is your real parent. God loves you and will never leave you. God has plans for you. Seek God. Wow. Thank you Delilah.

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