Sunday, June 05, 2005

Kids With No Doors

Tonight I tucked my son into bed. He was focused upon a Star Wars toy he got at Burger King. Earlier he talked about how many toys he had. My wife mentioned that some kids do not have any toys. He was stunned by this. He could not quite grasp it. We suggested that maybe he had some toys he would be willing to give away. He was not interested.

So, at bed time he was talking about kids with no toys. I again explained that some kids have toys and some don't. He looked at his bed room door (of all things) and made a comparison. "Some kids have doors and some don't," he said. I replied that most kids in the world do not even have their own rooms. Again, he was stunned. He asked if we could cut out one of our rooms and give it away. I was moved by his compassion - if not challenged by physically cutting off one of our rooms.

Our conversation continued and I explained that cutting out one of our rooms might not work well, but that we could give Mommy & Daddy's money or some toys to them. He again refused to give away any toys, but offered to give all of his money in his piggy bank to the parents of the kids with no toys or doors. This was huge. He loves his Piggy Bank. He understands that he can buy things. He knows about saving. But he offered to give all his money away. May God water this seed of generosity in his heart.

Out of the mouths of children . . . flows love for kids with no doors.


Justa Dad said...

Sounds like you had a great opportunity to expand your son’s view of his world; and how even a child can make a difference. Learning to share is tough for a child. We want to shower our children with love, we just have to remember to teach them how to do the same for others.

Good job Dad!

Brady Bryce said...

Great post fellow Dad.

Dad's definitely must look for open doors with their kids. Sunlight shining through the doorway of a child's heart can be powerfully formative.

I only hope that I, as a Dad, can see the open doors. And let them hang open for awhile. Too often Dad's want doors shut to keep the A/C inside or the heat outside. The open door of a child's heart . . . wow what an opportunity.