Thursday, June 24, 2004

Shh, don't tell !

Have you heard any good clean jokes, lately? I bet there are some you would tell me and some you would avoid telling me. Maybe you can think of one to share before Sunday.

I have been thinking some about the jokes we tell. The punch line is always held back as a secret until the very end (unless the joke comes from the lips of a child).

We all hold secrets in our lives. Some secrets only a few people know and other secrets have never been shared. Do you have any secrets to share?

I believe the cultural artifacts of twenty-first century America are worth exploring. I am pleased that many found my comparison of The Da Vinci Code with Paul’s ancient “Christ Hymn” helpful. Both deal with "secret wisdom." This secret wisdom eventually formed the ancient heresy of Gnosticism, which arose in the mid-second century. It emphasizes: a secret wisdom for the spiritually elite, the body is evil and Christ only 'seemed' to be human. Gnosticism is returning to popularity in our time. Spiritual navigation of our lives is difficult in our age that blurs the ‘fiction section’ with the ‘religion section’ of our book store.

Do you need more analysis and insight to The Da Vinci Code? I’ve made copies of two articles from Christian Magazines. You may also want to read the articles on The Da Vinci Code novel at Especially, note the Chronicle’s excerpt of Ben Witherington’s new book “The Gospel Code.” This article summarizes the novel’s historical fibs.

Think of a joke to share with me this weekend -- but don't share it till then.

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