Tuesday, June 15, 2004

The Blury Line of Fiction

Beginning last summer, people encouraged me to comment on the best selling work of fiction The DaVinci Code. Without further delay, this Sunday I will comment on Dan Brown's book.

The Urban Spirituality series continues with its second installment this weekend. How do we spiritually navigate our suburban lives? I will continue sharing reflections about the unusual word urbiculture, which designates the practices and problems peculiar to cities or urban development.

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Jim Nutt said...

Nicely done on the jokes...saving the punch lines till the last. I loved Scott Stegal's story/joke. I thought the whole concept was the most effective audience participation 'activity' that you have used to date. Equating the punchline to a secret and then tieing secrets to the secrets we each have and ultimately to THE SECRET and how He eliminates the need for our secrets...masterful. I will remember that concept for years. And with your permission even use it myself.
One of the lines I read in a text book in graduate school that I often say was worth the whole amount of shcool loans I am still paying relates to this idea of our secrets. 'That which we resist, persists.'
I am going to make a conscious effort over the next two weeks to reveal the secrets in my life that are persisting and limiting my effectiveness for the Kingdom.
Thank you. Nicely done. God's Bigger.
Jim Nutt