Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Echoing the Story - brand new book

After years of being used by everyday people, in home groups, with church plants, with non-believers, and Sunday Schools, Wipf and Stock Publishers released my book "Echoing the Story of God." It is now available on the Wipf & Stock site and will be available on Amazon and in your local bookstores by October, 2010.

People regularly express to me the following three things: #1 they have a weak grasp of God's story from the Bible, #2 they don't have a meaningful story, and #3 they are uncertain how to talk about God with others.

So I wanted to help people find a simple way to gather and tell the scattered stories of life and imagine them as part of a larger story.

Over twelve weeks, this guidebook walk participants through the story from Genesis to Revelation. Even more significant than content is the simple small group method that shows people how to be attentive to their lives for hints of God's activity. Along the way, people discover that listening rather than talking is an art that Christians need to learn. I hope you enjoy it. More than that I hope you use it.


Jeanine said...

Great News, Brady! Can't wait to hold the finished book in my hands.


Brady Bryce said...

Mom is the first comment. Gotta love that! (Why do I feel like we just pulled up to Northeast Junior High in our 1972 baby blue Dodge Dart?)
Hey, I'm happy to have my Mom celebrate this book - lets go cruising in the Dart. Few are as blessed to have a Mom like mine. I love you, Mom.

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Steve Dye said...

Cool! I've got your book on my wish list for Christmas. You continue to amaze me.

Your faith inspires me ... your friendship encourages me. May you, Donna and the kids enjoy a safe, peaceful holiday season.

jeans ed hardy said...

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