Monday, June 14, 2010

College Football Buried in Money

The week long melodrama of conference hoping has assured me of one thing. Collegiate sport is dead. I suppose it has been that way for many years now. However the teams negotiating leave of the Big 12 for the Big 10, the left behinds negotiating a jump to the Pac-10, and then the final decision by 10 teams to stay in the Big 12 was all a soap opera fit for a Donald Trump show. The bottom line was clearly in site. The fact that the landscape could change and that teams across the board could DOUBLE their multi-million dollar television deals . . . well, that is proof that money is what makes decisions.

Does money make all of your decisions for you? Does if feel good when money either limits or advances you? I wonder if there are ways to live in this world that instead of rewarding the big boy on the block (the Universities of Nebraska, Texas, Oklahoma or the power on Wall Street or whomever) we find ways to take care of the left behinds. You know, those millions of people whose homes were foreclosed upon even as banks took in record profit from the "downturn." The smaller universities who have no television market. The small town stores and businesses squeezed out by profit making giants. Maybe we should make decisions about how we vote, spend money or even discuss political issues in a way that benefits more than our already successful team, party, economic class, or nation.


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