Saturday, July 25, 2009

Lost and Found - Open Thursdays

In the early morning hours of Saturday, I was reflecting and thinking about life and God. Several ideas came to me in a short period of time. They all seemed appropriate for this “lost and found” space. Here is a place to share ideas, thoughts, and people that I am both finding and losing. One thought, "Thursday is a great day to find something." Maybe it is something you have forgotten or maybe it is something brand new. But Thursday is simply a great day to find something.

Thought #2, "Thursday is also a fine day to lose something." It could be something that you really need and must find. The frantic-ness of losing something on Thursday would drive you to find it on Thursday (but probably not till Saturday would you actually find it). Whatever this thing is that you lose on Thursday might be something that you hope you will never see again. Example: the Kids Meal toy with the noise making whistle is lost to the abyss of the mall's lost and found. That is a loss that brings joy. It will make some other child happy and send some other parent to the insane asylum.

Basically, Thursday is a good day to lose or to find things that need finding and loosing. So, after 6 years of people bugging me to do something regular (most of you say “every day” – and I just shake my head thinking . . . who has the time?). So, after many years of displacing your desire to see something regular. I am going to try Thursday. It is my favorite day of the week. It always has been my favorite day of the week. I don’t really know why Thursday is my favorite day but it is. Favorite things are like that. Favorite things don’t often have an explanation; they just occupy an irreplaceable position in our hearts.

So, I'll see you Thursday and we will share some things that are being lost and found. Maybe you will find something here.

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