Friday, February 02, 2007

NFL Opposes Christians on Super Bowl

This is the weekend of the "Big Game" known as the. . . Super Bowl. I hope that I do not get sued writing about this. My friend Scott K told me about an article that ran in an Indiana paper. The news article dealt with threats from the National Football League upon a church party.

It seems that the church planned a Super Bowl outreach party, complete with snacks, drinks, and big screen televisions all held in the safe environment of a church. However, no place is "safe" from lawyers of the NFL. Since the church was charging for snacks, the NFL threatened to shut the party down. Lawyers of the NFL asserted copyright laws on this Baptist church sending a FedEX letter to the pastor demanding the party be canceled.

So, the church decided to remove the charge for the snacks. The hardball NFL still would not allow the party because the screen had to be 55 inches or less. The church was forced to cancel the party.

In the article, the NFL also took issue with the church's use of testimonies from NFL players and coaches. The NFL's hard line three-point stance against Christianity can be nothing less than hypocrisy.

Take a bar as an example. I cannot imagine how the NFL can allow bars and clubs and parties across the country to go without citation, and show zero tolerance in their office upon a church. Bars with fan are okay. Christians fans are not okay. Actually, the NFL is lining up in an anti-Christian offensive formation that should infuriate Christians, players, and fans. I wonder what will happen when people make their voices heard? If you can figure out a way to contact the NFL Commissioner please let me know.

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Brady Bryce said...

The conversation continues. Several more churches have been forced to shut down. Read here.

If you want to read one church's response the go to this site.

Thanks to Scott K for his posts about this topic. He really kept me informed on the development of this story.