Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Office Break-In

Someone is hilarious. This morning I found an ice cold Dr. Pepper resting in the center of my desk. Along side this gift lay another gift - a tiny red button "Heavy Drinker."

I acknowledge being a heavy drinker. I grew up in a part of the country where Dr. Pepper was hard to come by. I grew up in a time before the advent of "free refills." I grew up thinking that 1/2 of a can of Dr. Pepper (shared with my little sister) was a treat. In other words, I grew up depraved.

Today in the year 2006, we live in the millennium of space-age-super-technology. Ice cold Dr. Pepper is widely available, most restaurants even refill my glass as many times as I can empty it. Our modern age is one of great progress.

Now, on any other day I would call this chilled Dr. Pepper a gift. But today it is temptation. Some hilarious soul is tempting me. This week I made a determination to eliminate Dr. Pepper for three weeks. In exchange for regular Dr. Peppers, I am replacing a spiritual pursuit of another kind.

I have figured out that even those things that bring us great satisfaction (i.e. Dublin Dr. Pepper) more often leave us empty in a few hours or days or weeks. The pleasures we pursue do not satisfy. For three weeks, I won't open or even sip Dr. Peppers. Instead, I will open an ancient song book (Called the Psalter) and a classic book ("A Long Obedience In the Same Direction" by Eugene Peterson). Would you join me in a three-week training program? Following in the way of Jesus is difficult in a society that demands unlimited refills and instant satisfaction. Come with me on the way to a tap that does satisfy.

By the way, the tiny read button has an ancient passage listed - the gospel of John chapter 7 verse 37. Drink up!


Anonymous said...

Dude, you've got your seasons mixed up. It's Epiphany, not Lent. Ease up already and "eat and drink and take pleasure in your toil!"

Brady Bryce said...

Good one! Your 'christian' humor is on target. Yeah, its time to celebrate God is here and not live in sacrifice. However, I suppose I am still hung-over from the over consumption of Christmas. God's blessings are abundant for me. No Dr. Pepper for three weeks is not much of a sacrifice.

Ok, I will go buy a new calendar.

leah said...

Just stopping by to say "HI" and that I found your blog.

Brady Bryce said...

Leah -
It is a pleasure to welcome you into the "lost & found." Good luck with the new CD. Please come again some time when you need to "find" or "lose" some time.