Monday, March 28, 2005

How's Your World?

"There are Christians who have hysterical reactions,
as if the world would have slipped out of God's hands.
They act violenty as if they were risking everything.

But we believe in history;
the world is not a roll of the dice going toward chaos.
A new world has begun to happen since Christ has risen. . .

Jesus Christ, we rejoice in your definitive triumph . . .
with our bodies still in the breach
and our souls in tension,
we cry out our first "Hurrah!"
till eternity unfolds itself.

Your sorrow now has passed.
Your enemies have failed.
You are a definitive smile for humankind.

What matter the wait now for us?
We accept the struggle and the death;
because you, our love, will not die!

We march behind you,
on the road to the future.
You are with us
and you are our immortality!

Take away the sadness from our faces.
We are not in a game of chance . . .
You have the last word!

Beyond the crushing of our bones,
now has begun the eternal "alleluia!"
From the thousand openings of our wounded bodies
and souls there arises now a triumphal song!

So, teach us to give voice to your new life
throughout all the world.

Because you dry the tears from the eyes
of the oppressed forever . . .
and death will disappear. . ."

Jesuit Father Luis Espinal was assassinated March 22, 1980 in La Paz, Bolivia by paramilitary forces. He wrote this meditation shortly before his death. (from pages 332-333 of "A Guide to Prayer" by Upper Room, 1983)

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