Monday, January 31, 2005

Fog on Monday Fire Later

Every Monday morning we have a staff meeting. It is routine. It is necessary. It is not always exciting to deal with business, but our staff has fun.

The only way I can begin a staff meeting is listening to the ancient words of The Book. Today I read from Exodus 24:12-18. Yahweh comes to Moses with this request "come up to me on the mountain and wait there."

Come and wait. An invitation from Yahweh. An invitation of delight and terror. Moses takes his assistant, but finally gets to the top of the mountain alone. The cloud or a fog of Yahweh covers the mountain.

Moses sits and waits. He waits some more. He waits for six days in the cloud. Six days alone in a cloud waiting for Yahweh. What went through his mind? How many times did he check his sundial? How many thoughts filled his consciousness?

He waited until he saw the devouring fire of Yahweh. He stayed with Yahweh 40 days.

How long can you sit and wait for Yahweh? Six days. Six hours. Six minutes. Sixty-seconds.

Yahweh calls, but we do not hear and we certainly do not have time to wait.

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